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The Charie name almost certainly originated in France and to this day, although rare, there are more instances there than anywhere else. The probability is that the original bearers of the name in other European countries and North America came from France as Huguenot refugees.

A link between the known history of our family and that of the Huguenots is non-proven, but there is a strong possibility that such a link exists, and that one day the evidence will emerge.

No link established

* 1550-1750. Baptisms, marriages and wills recorded in several parishes in Kent. Was this our family on a slow journeying from a landfall on the Kent coast, migrants from France, en route eventually to London?

* 1550-1750. Single references to the name in Sussex, Essex, Devon and W Lothian.

* 1665. The Revocation of Nantes, France led to increased migration of Huguenot refugees to England.
Around this time the name starts to crop up in Germany, The Netherlands and North America.

* 1739-1751. Baptism of 8 children of Jaques & Esther CHARIER at the Huguenot Church, Threadneedle Street, City of London. The surname of the children was entered as CHARIE.

Link established

* 1766. The London marriage of Claudius Adrian CHARIE A3 to Ann MARTIN A4 in Shoreditch.
This is the earliest event documented so far in the story of our family.

* 1772. Old Bailey records from 1772 name Claudius Adrian CHARIE as the victim of a theft.

* 1791. First reference noted to a CHARIE jeweller/silver bucklernaker in London, Dennis B3 in Clerkenwell.

* 1812. George Denis CHARIE C11, jeweller, crosses from north to south London (The Borough) to settle there.

* 1833. Robert CHARIE D23 leaves London for Birmingham, as a jeweller to found a branch still there today.

* 1881. National census, the families in London and Birmingham then totalled 24 persons.

* 1882. Robert George CHARIE F41, carter, and Jane F42 leave Birmingham to found the line in West Ham, London.

* 1908 & 1912. Emigration of brothers Robert G43 and Charles G47, Soap-makers, from West Ham to Canada.

* 1918. Harry F9 soldier killed in action in France.

* 1941. WW2 bomb damage in Kennington, London leads to two families moving to Luton, Bedfordshire.

* 1948. Elizabeth E4 in Luton is the first CHARIE to reach 100 years. Followed in 1967 by her daughter Florence F14.

* 1970s & 8Os. Emigrations to South Africa from Birmingham and to Canada from London and Sussex.

* 1985/86. Distribution of the booklet “CHARIE - Our Family Tree”, written by Harry H1.

* 1989. The first of the annual Christmas letters sent to the family by Harry H1.

* 1995. The World-Wide Book of CHARlEs published by the American company Burke-Halbert.

* 1997. Phone calls to United States gave the information that some of the CHARIE families there owe their surname to mistakes made by the US immigration service.

* 1999. Ciculation of the booklet “CHARIE - A Millennium Update”. The count of persons named CHARIE in U K when booklet was printed was 51.

* 2005. CHARIE website established.

* 2006. Emigrations to the USA and Australia

* 2014 . Alfred Richard (Dick) Charie G7 celebrated his 100th birthday at Comox, B.C., thus, becoming the first male centenarian in the family.