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Guide to the family trees

Over the following pages, there are 9 trees covering the various branches of the Charie family in the UK, plus branches of the UK family that emigrated to Canada and South Africa.

All Charie family members are coded, the letter being the generation, starting with A, the first known ancestor, through to L (omitting I), the latest generation. The numbers are individual members within each generation. Forenames in bold have (or had) the Charie surname either by birth or marriage.

The line ends whenever the Charie name ends, e.g.
the children of Charie daughters almost always carry the father's name, not the Charie name and therefore are not included.

  Tree 1 The early family in London
  Tree 2 The South London Branch
  Tree 3 The North London Branch
  Tree 4 The South London Branch continued
  Tree 5 The South London Branch continued
  Tree 6 Birmingham (1)
  Tree 7 Birmingham (2)
  Tree 8 West Ham to Canada (1)
  Tree 9 West Ham to Canada (2)
  Master Tree Pdf file of the entire family tree  
  People index Detailed family tree information  
  Alpha-index Alphabetical list of family members  
  History Known history of the family name  
  Chronology Timeline